A digital supply chain
for the 3D printing and spare parts sector

Global reach. Local delivery.

Autentica is an online software platform accelerating the sale and delivery of spare parts. We facilitate the sourcing, ordering, 3D manufacturing, and distribution of genuine components to those who need them.


Autentica exists to transform supply chains, reduce carbon emissions, and build a sustainable future for the global additive manufacturing sector.

By providing a platform for the 3D printing of parts, we've created a global network of designers, manufacturers, and customers seeking a fast, efficient, and streamlined customer journey.

What makes Autentica different?


A global network of 3D printers


Manufactured to order and delivered locally


All parts are designed and certified as per the original


Orders ready for dispatch in under 48 hours


Competitive pricing combined with a lower cost for discontinued parts


Legacy component which are hard to find via traditional routes


Genuine parts, ordered, designed, printed, and delivered with a secure audit trail.

Working with Autentica

part owners

Offering genuine parts to OEMs, aftermarket service providers, and the end-user at a competitive price – with faster delivery speeds and a reduced carbon footprint.

Improved customer service

Full control over manufacturing

Cutting edge technology

Complete SaaS solution

Better time to market

Selling the IP licence of digital parts removes the burden of picking, packing, and posting physical components.
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Providing a steady stream of orders to keep your machines busy while simultaneously improving turnover and profitability.

Generate new business seamlessly

Full control over the work you accept

Integrated logistics making delivery easy

Full support and training

Simple to use tools

Become an official partner with Autentica and generate new business while working as part of a global digital supply chain.
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